Irregular verbs in the future tense

Some verbs have irregular stems but the endings are always the same:

Subject pronounFuture ending
  • allerirj'irai - I will go
  • avoiraurj'aurai - I will have
  • êtreserje serai - I will be
  • faireferje ferai - I will do
  • pouvoirpourrje pourrai - I will be able to
  • devoirdevrje devrai - I will have to
  • savoirsaurje saurai - I will know
  • venirviendrje viendrai - I will come
  • voirverrje verrai - I will see
  • vouloirvoudrje voudrai - I will like/want

The examples above are all using the subject pronoun je/j'.

Here are some further examples:

  • il aura dix-huit ans dans trois jours - he'll be 18 in three days
  • nous pourrons venir chez toi - we will be able to come to your house
  • elles feront leurs devoirs demain - they will do their homework tomorrow