Middle-ground - the robbery

The two youths who have pushed them/ are about to complete the operation

Beginning at line 15, another part of the picture is revealed to the reader.

Morgan explains in a matter of fact way that the couple's fall is not an accident. It is part of a planned robbery.

Complete shows that pushing the young couple is merely an incidental part of their plan. This shows how little concern the youths have for human life. The use of operation suggest something cold and calculated. It suggests the robbers are methodical, possibly even well-practised at this type of crime.

This line ends with the word smartly which implies that the thieves have been clever in their plan. It also suggests that they are fast and professional.

Their faces show no expression.

There is a cold detachment to their behaviour. This is chilling when we consider the impact their action has had. undertakings have caused and they betray no emotion or guilt at all.