Speaking practice - complaining in a restaurant - Higher

Example role play

What would you say for this role play? You are talking to the boss of a restaurant in Argentina. Remember to use the usted form.

The bullet points give an idea of what will be asked, so use these to prepare what you will say. Where there is an exclamation mark (!), a surprise question will be asked and where there is a question mark (?), you will need to ask a question yourself.

Estás hablando con el dueño en un restaurante en Argentina.

  • Plato principal - qué pedido.
  • Problema con la comida (dos detalles).
  • Una solución ideal.
  • !
  • ? Postre.

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- Sí señor, ¿En qué puedo ayudarle?

- He pedido una pizza con jamón.

- ¿Cuál es el problema con la comida?

- La pizza está fría y no tiene jamón.

- ¿Qué solución recomienda?

- Me gustaría otra pizza.

- Aparte del problema, ¿Cuál es su opinión sobre este restaurante?

- Creo que el restaurante es muy caro.

- Vale.

- ¿Hay un menú de postres?

- Sí claro. Aquí tiene.


- Yes sir, how may I help you?

- I ordered a pizza with ham.

- What is the problem with the food?

- The pizza is cold and it doesn't have any ham.

- What solution do you recommend?

- I would like another pizza.

- Apart from the problem, what is your opinion of this restaurant?

- I think the restaurant is very expensive.

- Ok.

- Is there a dessert menu?

- Yes, of course. Here it is.

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