Edward I as overlord of Scotland

John Balliol was crowned King of Scotland at Scone, on 30 November 1292. As soon as King John came to the throne he had several problems to overcome:

  • He had not been trained to be a King.
  • Scotland had been without a monarch for almost seven years and it was poor.
  • Many of the Scottish nobles, especially the Bruces, did not want Balliol to be king.

Edward I of England made life very difficult for King John:

  • In 1292, Edward made John pay homage to him (accept him as his overlord), showing John that Edward was really in charge of Scotland.
  • Edward also appointed an English noble, Thomas of Hunsingore, as Scottish Chancellor.
  • He declared that he would hear legal complaints and court hearings from Scottish nobles.

Edward I treated John like one of his Lords rather than as the King of an independent country.