Easter is the most important celebration for Christians as it celebrates Jesus’ victory over death.

Easter begins with Lent, which is a period of 40 days leading up to Holy Week.

Holy Week is the week leading up to the resurrection. Christian churches hold special services across the week:

  • Palm Sunday - The four Gospels state that, on this day, Jesus entered Jerusalem on a donkey. The people were overjoyed to see him, and they showed their love for him by waving palm branches as he passed by. Palm crosses are given out during Christian services as a symbol of this event.
  • Maundy Thursday - This was the day that Jesus hosted the Last Supper, which was followed by his arrest in the Garden of Gethsemane. This marks the beginning of a time of sadness and reflection for Christians.
  • Good Friday – This day marks Jesus’ crucifixion and death. This is commemorated with a day of fasting, and there is often a church service close to the time of day when Jesus died. Roman Catholics hold a procession called the Stations of the Cross, which re-enacts Jesus’ final journey when he carried his cross to his crucifixion.
  • Easter Sunday – The day of Jesus’ resurrection. A vigil is usually held on the Saturday evening, and there is a church service on the Sunday. For Christians, Easter Sunday is a day of joy that celebrates what God has done for humanity.

What event is commemorated on Easter Sunday?

Jesus’ resurrection is commemorated on Easter Sunday. In addition, many Christians treat every Sunday as a special day for worshipping and spending time with family, due to the resurrection having happened on a Sunday.