Flood prevention

What has Boscastle done to prevent flooding in the future?

  • £4.5 million has been spent on a flood defence scheme.
  • The scheme stretches along the valley, incorporating drainage, sewerage systems and land re-grading.
  • Boscastle car park has been raised in height, which will stop the river from bursting its banks so easily.
  • New drains allow water to run into the lower section of the river quickly.
  • The river channel has been made deeper and wider so that it can accommodate more water.
Boscastle has had several improvements to its flood defences: vegetation has been cleared, the car park has been raised, the river deepened and widened, and the bridge has also been widened.Flood management following the Boscastle flood

Various interest groups have different views about flood management techniques:

  • Governments and developers often favour large hard engineering options, such as dam building. Building a dam and a reservoir can generate income. Profits can be made from generating electricity or leisure revenue.
  • Environmental groups and local residents often prefer softer options, such as planting trees. Soft options cause little damage to the environment and do not involve the resettlement of communities.
  • Effective flood management strategies should be economically, environmentally and socially sustainable. Sustainable strategies allow management without compromising the needs of future generations.
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