Speaking practice - discussing concerts - Foundation

Silhouette of crowd at rock concert watching person on stage with a guitar.

Role plays give you a chance to have a more structured conversation. You will use either the or usted pronoun form of the verb depending on whether you are talking to a friend or if you are in a more formal situation.

What would you say for this role play? You are talking to somebody that you don't know, so you will need to listen out for and possibly use the usted form.

The bullet points give you an idea of what you will be asked, so use these to prepare what you will say. Where there is an exclamation mark (!) a surprise question will be asked, and where there is a question mark (?) you will need to ask a question yourself.

Estás hablando con un/a empleado/a en la taquilla de una sala de conciertos en España.

  • Entradas para el concierto - para cuándo.
  • Cuántas entradas.
  • !
  • ? El horario del concierto.
  • Tu opinión sobre los conciertos de rock (un detalle).

Listen to an example role play.


- Buenos días. ¿En qué puedo ayudarle?

- Quisiera comprar entradas para el concierto de este fin de semana.

- ¿Para cuántas personas?

- Para tres personas, por favor.

- Hay descuentos para turistas. ¿De qué nacionalidad es usted?

- Soy inglesa.

- Muy bien.

- ¿A qué hora empieza el concierto?

- Empieza a las ocho y termina a las diez. ¿Qué piensa de la música rock?

- Creo que la música rock es muy entretenida.

- De acuerdo.


- Hello, how can I help you?

- I would like to buy tickets for the concert at the weekend.

- For how many people?

- For three people, please.

- There are discounts for tourists. What is your nationality?

- I'm English.

- Very good.

- What time does the concert start?

- It starts at eight and finishes at ten. What do you think of rock music?

- I think rock music is very entertaining.

- Ok.