The purpose of puppet design

Puppets can add an exciting dimension to a performance.

Conveying character

Puppets can be used within productions as a dramatic device to represent characters. A well-designed puppet should allow the audience to suspend their disbelief, enhancing the storytelling within a performance.

Supporting the style of the production

The use of puppetry can help support the overall style of the production. For example, if a play has a minimalistic design aesthetic, then puppets should be simple but also representative enough in order to match the rest of the production, whereas a production with a more theatrical style may design puppets with more detailed characteristics.

If a puppet were used in a naturalistic production, then it would be considered a prop rather than a dramatic device used to represent a character.

Providing practical solutions

Puppets can be used for practical reasons as well as artistic ones. For example, a production that requires a dog might use a dog puppet rather than hiring a real, trained dog.