Writing and translation questions - playing sports - Higher

When translating into Spanish, it's important to re-read what you have written to check it makes sense and that the key message is clear.

Group of girls playing cricket

Translate the following passage into Spanish.

I am a member of a cricket team and we play every Tuesday during the summer. Last year, we won all our matches. It was fantastic. I love sport because I can spend time with my friends. In the future, I would like to be a professional player. I will have to practise every day.

Soy miembro de un equipo de críquet y jugamos cada martes durante el verano. El año pasado ganamos todos nuestros partidos. Fue fantástico. Me encanta el deporte porque puedo pasar tiempo con mis amigos. En el futuro, me gustaría ser jugador profesional. Tendré que practicar todos los días.

A challenge with this text is the use of different tenses. Think carefully about whether the verbs you are translating are in the past, present or future tense.

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