Writing questions - sport - Foundation

Photo-based writing task

When describing a photo, it's essential to be able to write clearly and concisely. Here, you are going to write four sentences to describe what you can see. Try to keep it simple and use some of these structures:

En la foto ...In the photo ...
Veo ...I see ...
Hay ...There is/there are ...
Se puede ver ...You can see ...

Envías esta foto a un amigo español.

Boys playing basketball outside

Escribe cuatro frases para describir la foto.

Here are some suggestions of sentences to describe the photo:

Hay seis chicos. (There are six boys.)

En la foto hay un equipo de baloncesto. (In the photo, there is a basketball team.)

Veo un grupo de amigos. (I see a group of friends.)

Se puede ver un partido. (You can see a match.)

Veo un equipo. (I see a team.)

Los chicos llevan uniforme. (The boys are wearing uniform.)

Los chicos juegan al baloncesto. (The boys are playing basketball.)

Hay un partido de baloncesto. (There is a basketball match.)

Están al aire libre. (They are outdoors.)

En la foto los chicos juegan al baloncesto. (In the picture, the boys are playing basketball.)