Sketching and animating

Freehand sketches

Freehand sketching is the quickest way of getting your initial designs on paper before an idea is forgotten. Freehand sketches are often done without a ruler or template and instead are produced quickly and freely.

Showing freehand sketches of a sports bag with detailed sketches of handles, pockets and different colourways.

Annotation can be added at any point to show key parts, sizes, materials, components and construction. The use of shading, colour and different viewpoints can be an easy way of communicating initial ideas.

Formal drawings

Formal drawings are a more precise or less messy style of drawing; they can be done by hand or with computer aided design (CAD) packages.

Formal hand drawings would use tools such as rulers and set squares to ensure accuracy and neatness. Using computer aided design (CAD) allows the user to quickly make changes, and the drawings can be digitally shared and copied with ease.

Formal drawings are used when showing an idea to a client, showing measurements or getting feedback from a user group.