Listening test questions

Watch this short film clip which features the famous Formula 1 racing driver Sir Jackie Stewart talking about his favourite Scots words and his experience of being dyslexic. Then answer the quiz questions.

How dyslexia drove racing legend Sir Jackie Stewart to success


How many times was Sir Jackie Stewart Formula 1 world champion?


In which situation does Sir Jackie say that he felt ‘jiggered’?


What is the main purpose of Sir Jackie’s story about his serious accident in the 1966 Belgian Grand Prix?


In the course of telling the story of his accident, Sir Jackie uses the word ‘aquaplaning’. Of which language feature is this an example?


Which of the following definitions comes closest to the meaning of the word ‘jiggered’ as it is used in the film clip?


What is the main role of the presenter in this clip?


Which of the Scots words used in the film clip means ‘to be annoyed or irritated by something’?


What is the stated purpose of the film clip?


The presenter says that success and fame were not always part of [Sir Jackie Stewart’s] life. Which of the following is given as an example of this?


What was the most significant effect that dyslexia had on Sir Jackie Stewart’s life?