Types of crime

Different types of crimes, vandalism, theft and violence to property and people

Property crime includes the following exclusive groups:

  • vandalism, including motor vehicle and property vandalism
  • motor vehicle theft related incidents
  • housebreaking
  • other household thefts including bicycle theft
  • personal theft excluding robbery

Violent crime includes:

  • assault
  • robbery

How much crime is there in Scotland?

Recorded crime is at its lowest level since 1974. The level of crime in Scotland has fallen in recent years, with 246,516 crimes recorded by the police in 2019/20. This number does not include offences such as speeding.

In 2019/20, 10% of adults were estimated to have been a victim of property crime and 2.5% of adults were a victim of violent crime.

Only 40% of crimes were reported to the police. Only crimes which are reported are recorded, not crimes which have been committed. An increase in crime may reflect the fact that the police are catching more criminals and not that more crime is taking place. The opposite is also true.