Vocabulary - marriage and partnerships

Marriage and partnerships

An Indian wedding ceremony

Along with friends and family relationships, marriage and partnership is something that some people may consider in their lives. Here are some key verbs:

casarseto get married
comprometerseto get engaged
divorciarseto get divorced
enamorarseto fall in love
estar enamorado/ato be in love
separarseto separate
tener hijosto have children
tener novio/ato have a boyfriend/girlfriend
tener parejato have a partner

Use the verb estar (to be) to describe marital status:

estar comprometido/ato be engaged
estar casado/ato be married
estar divorciado/ato be divorced
estar separado/ato be separated
estar soltero/ato be single

Translate these sentences about the topic of partnership into English.

  1. Mis abuelos están separados y no viven juntos.
  2. En el futuro quisiera casarme y tener una familia muy grande.
  3. Mi hermano mayor no está casado, pero creo que va a comprometerse con su novia el año que viene.
  4. Mi tía se casó el verano pasado y la boda costó mucho dinero.
  1. My grandparents are separated and don't live together.
  2. In the future, I would like to get married and have a very big family.
  3. My older brother isn't married, but I think he is going to get engaged to his girlfriend next year.
  4. My aunt got married last summer and the wedding cost a lot of money.