Listening practice - career choices

Watch the video then answer the questions below.

Rafa talks about possible jobs for the future


Why does Rafa think that being an engineer might be a good career for him?

Because he likes science. He says: 'Me gustan las ciencias. Entonces podría trabajar como ingeniero.' (I like science, so I could work as an engineer.)


Which of these statements about Rafa's summer job as a lifeguard is not true?

a) He worked from 9.00 to 5.00

b) He had 30 minutes for lunch

c) He had to work five days a week

b) He had one hour for lunch. He says: 'El verano pasado trabajé como socorrista. Mi horario era de nueve a cinco con una hora para comer. Tuve que trabajar cinco días a la semana.' (Last summer I worked as a lifeguard. My timetable was from nine to five with an hour for lunch. I had to work five days a week.)


Which of these things is less important for Rafa?

a) Travelling abroad

b) Taking care of people

c) Earning money

a) He says: 'Para mí el dinero, o el sueldo, es importante, pero también me gusta cuidar de la gente. Me encantaría viajar al extranjero, pero es menos importante para mí.' (Money, or salary, is important to me, but I also like to take care of people. I'd love to travel abroad, but it's less important to me.)


Would Rafa prefer to work with people or animals? Why?

With people. Because he is allergic to animals. He explains:Creo que me gustaría trabajar con personas más que con los animales... porque tengo alergia.' (I think I'd like to work with people more than with animals... because I'm allergic.)


What does Rafa say he would have to do to be a doctor?

Study a lot. He says: 'Hmm, sí, podría dedicarme a la medicina. Aunque tendría que estudiar mucho para conseguirlo.' (Hmm, yes, I could be a doctor. Although I'd have to study a lot to achieve that.)