To what extent are the sources reliable? Eight Marks

In this type of question you are being asked to judge how reliable the three sources are. You must use the information with the sources to support your judgements.

Finally you must give an overall conclusion identifying which source you think is the most reliable. Essentially you are making three judgements on reliability and one on relative reliability for two marks each which gives you a total of eight.

Advice to remember:

  • by the end of your answer you should have commented on all three sources plus an overall conclusion on which one is the most reliable
  • a well explained judgement on reliability is worth two marks
  • you can make a for/against statement for a source

When making judgements about reliability you should consider the following:

  • evidence of possible bias – is the article/blog one sided?
  • where has the information come from? – is it from a trustworthy newspaper that have ethical standards?
  • when was it written? – is it out of date or recent? Have there been important events since it was published?
  • if it is a survey is there a large sample size? – does the sample reflect the population?
  • remember, again, to use evaluative language when describing the sources – for example most reliable/less reliable etc