Speaking practice - buying a train ticket - Foundation

A train station ticket office

Role plays give you a chance to have a more structured conversation. You will use either the or usted pronoun form of the verb depending on whether you are talking to a friend or if you are in a more formal situation.

What would you say for this role play? You are talking to somebody that you don't know, so you will need to use the usted form.

The bullet points give an idea of what will be asked, so use these to prepare what you will say. Where there is an exclamation mark (!) a surprise question will be asked, and where there is a question mark (?) you will need to ask a question yourself.

Estás hablando con el empleado/la empleada en la taquilla de una estación de trenes en España.

  • Billete - para dónde
  • Cuántas personas
  • !
  • ? Información sobre el tren
  • Opinión sobre los trenes en España

Listen to this example role play.


- ¿Sí, señorita?

- Quiero un billete para Madrid.

- ¿Para cuántas personas?

- Es para dos personas.

- ¿Qué tipo de billete quiere?

- Quiero un billete de ida y vuelta.

- Son cincuenta euros.

- ¿De qué andén sale el tren?

- Sale del andén número dos. ¿Qué opina usted de los trenes aquí en España?

- Son muy cómodos.

- Muy bien. Muchas gracias.


Yes, madam?

I want a ticket to Madrid.

For how many people?

It's for two people.

What sort of ticket do you want?

I want a return ticket.

That's 50 Euros.

What platform does the train leave from?

It leaves from platform number two. What do you think of the trains here in Spain?

They are very comfortable.

Very good. Thank you very much.