Listening questions - family relationships - Foundation

Family relationships can sometimes be problematic. Brotherly and sisterly love is not always plain sailing! Here are some useful verbs:

aguantarto put up with
confiarto trust
discutirto discuss/argue
enfadarseto get angry
fastidiarto annoy/bother
insultarto insult
llorarto cry
llevarse bien/mal conto get on well/badly with
maltratarto mistreat/abuse
molestarto bother/annoy
pelear(se)to fight

Alberto is talking about his family relationships.


1. Write the correct letter for each question.

Alberto's brother is ...

Atwo years older
Btwo years younger
Ctwo years old

A. The key word to listen out for is mayor which means older. Alberto also says tiene dos años más que yo (he is two years older than me).


2. What sort of person is Alberto?


B. Alberto says siempre he sido una persona muy tolerante (I have always been a very tolerant person). The word alegre (cheerful) does not appear and the word mimado (spoiled) is used later to describe Alberto's brother.


3. What does Alberto's brother do every day?

Ainsults him
Bmakes fun of him
Cshouts at him

A. Alberto says me insulta todos los días (he insults me every day).


4. What sort of person is Alberto's brother?


C. Alberto says that his brother is egoísta (selfish). He says that he is maleducado but this means rude and is nothing to do with education or being clever. Alberto describes himself as tolerante (tolerant) earlier in the text.


5. What else does Alberto say about his relationship with his brother?

Athey get on well
Bthey have nothing in common
Cthey share a bedroom

B. Alberto says no tenemos nada en común (we don't have anything in common).


Tengo 15 años, vivo con mis padres y mi hermano mayor. Tiene dos años más que yo. Siempre he sido una persona muy tolerante pero ahora no puedo aguantar su comportamiento. Está muy mimado y hace lo que quiere. Nunca me escucha y me insulta todos los días. En mi opinión, mi hermano es una persona egoísta y maleducada. Además, nuestros gustos son muy distintos y no tenemos nada en común.


I'm 15 years old, I live with my parents and my older brother. He is two years older than me. I have always been a very tolerant person but now I can't put up with his behaviour. He is very spoiled and does what he wants. He never listens to me and insults me every day. In my opinion, my brother is a rude and selfish person. What's more, our tastes are very different and we have nothing in common.