Stressed pronouns

Stressed pronouns are used after prepositions, eg para , lo más importante es ... (for me, the most important thing is ...), voy a Francia con ellos (I'm going to France with them). They are also used for emphasis, eg a nosotros, nos encantan las vacaciones (we love holidays), a ella no le gusta el uniforme (she doesn't like the uniform).

you (singular - informal)
ustedyou (singular - formal)
vosotros/asyou (plural - informal)
ellosthem (all male or a mixed group)
ellasthem (all female)
ustedesyou (plural - formal)
The special form conmigo is used for with me, eg mis amigos vienen conmigo (my friends are coming with me) and contigo for with you (), eg ¿Puedo ir contigo? (Can I go with you?)

Translate these sentences containing stressed pronouns into English.

  1. ¿Te gustaría venir al cine con nosotros?
  2. No me llevo muy bien con él.
  3. Tengo un regalo para vosotros.
  4. Voy al mismo colegio que ellos.
  1. Would you like to come to the cinema with us?
  2. I don't get on very well with him.
  3. I have a present for you.
  4. I go to the same school as them.