Sample question

If you are studying poetry with CCEA your examination will be 'open book'. This means you will have an unannotated copy of the poems and you will be asked to compare two poems from your chosen anthology.

If you are studying Anthem for Doomed Youth you are studying the Conflict anthology. The following is an example of the type of question you will get.

Anthem for Doomed Youth by Wilfred Owen deals with death in conflict. Look again at this poem, and at one other poem from the Conflict anthology which also deals with the theme of death in conflict.

With close reference to the ways each poet uses language, compare and contrast what the speakers in the poems say about death in conflict.

You should include relevant contextual material.

It will be up to you to choose a poem that deals with the same theme.

You must read the question carefully to ensure you understand exactly what you are being asked about conflict as all the poems in the anthology differ in their approach and message.

For example, you could compare Anthem for Doomed Youth on the theme of death in conflict with:

Easter Monday (In Memoriam E.T.)(1917) by Eleanor Farjeon

Requiem for the Croppies by Seamus Heaney

Vergissmeinnicht by Keith Douglas

Mametz Wood by Owen Sheers

Who's for the Game? by Jesse Pope