Conformers tend to have low metabolic costs and a narrow ecological niche unless they can withstand change in the external environment. For example, the temperature of a heat conformer, like a snake or lizard, will change as a result of the environment it is in.

A lizard basking in the sun
Basking in the sun is a behavioural response for conformers like lizards

Conformers must change their behaviour in order to survive under extreme circumstances. Behavioural responses by conformers include reducing their activity when the environmental temperature falls.

A common way in which conformers maintain an optimum temperature is to bask in the sun and absorb the heat energy directly or from the ground around them.

Some desert lizards burrow under the surface of the sand in order to cool down or warm up depending on what time of day it is. Spider crabs are able to conform to the salinity in their environment as they can lose or gain water to match their external environment.

A spider crab
A spider crab can lose or gain water to conform to the salinity of the water it is in