The murder of David Riccio

The relationship between Darnley and Mary got worse. Darnley wanted to make decisions and Mary refused.

Scottish nobles persuaded Darnley that David Riccio, the Queen’s secretary, was too close to Mary.

Darnley was enraged by this. A plot was hatched to kill Riccio.

In March 1566, the murderers burst into Mary’s chambers and stabbed Riccio to death.

Mary looked on helplessly, and in fear of her own life.

Darnley’s dagger, the murder weapon, was found at the scene, incriminating its owner. Mary never forgave him for his part in this plot.

Siobhon Redmond describes Mary's difficulties with Lord Darnley, the Chaseabout raid and the murder of David Riccio in the video below.