The six beliefs of Sunni Islam

A day in the life of Ezzy, a basketball player and Sunni Muslim

The six beliefs of Sunni Islam (often referred to as the six articles of faith) are key beliefs for Sunni Muslims and are found in the Hadith.

The six beliefs are:

  1. Belief in one God (Tawhid) – This means having absolute faith in the oneness of God. Allah is simply the Arabic word for God and is not the name of any other being. Muslims believe that nothing can be likened to Allah. It is important to note that Allah has no plural in Arabic, showing the belief in the oneness of God.
  2. Belief in angels (malaikah) – Muslims believe that God’s greatness means he cannot communicate directly with humans. Instead, God passed messages to his prophets via malaikah, angels, who were God’s first creation and who always obey him.
  3. Belief in holy books (kutub) – The holy books of Islam should be respected. This is especially true of the Qur’an, which is the direct and unchanged word of God, revealed to the Prophet Muhammad.
  4. Belief in the prophets (nubuwwah) – Allah is believed to have communicated with the prophets through the angels. Muslims believe the prophets should be respected but never worshipped.
  5. Belief in the Day of Judgement and the afterlife (Akhirah) – All Muslims believe that this life is a test. When they die, they will be judged by God and sent to either Paradise or Hell.
  6. Belief in predestination (Al-Qadr) – This means that everything in the universe is following a divine masterplan, which shows the importance of God’s will. Muslims believe that Allah knows or decides everything that will happen: In all things the master-planning is God’s (Qur’an 13:42).

These beliefs are also shared by Shi’a Muslims.


What is the fourth belief of Sunni Islam?

Nubuwwah is the fourth belief of faith in Sunni Islam. It is the belief that God chose special people, called prophets, to communicate messages to humankind.