Voltage across components in a parallel circuit

The voltage across components in parallel is the same for each component.


Look at the parallel circuit below

A circuit with an open switch at the top left of the main circuit. At the left hand side is a 6 V battery.  A wire circumvents the battery and has a voltmeter Vs labelled 1.  On the bottom of the main circuit is one resistors at 100 ohms.  A wire circumvents this and has a voltmeter V2 and is labelled 3. A wire connects the left hand side of the circuit to the right hand side.  On this wire is a resistor at 100 ohms.  A wire circumvents it and has a voltmeter V1  labelled 2.

What is the reading at:

1) Position 1: 0 V, 3 V or 6 V

2) Position 2: 0 V, 3 V or 6 V

3) Position 3: 0 V, 3 V or 6 V

Position 1 = 6 V

Position 2 = 6 V

Position 3 = 6 V

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