Themes (AQA) test questions - AQA


What is a theme?


What is the name given to a repeated image or a group of images in a text?


Lord of the Flies is about a group of school boys stranded on an island. Which one is a main theme in the novel?


Which of these are themes?


What can you examine closely to help identify themes in shorter texts?


In Skellig the family have moved “just in time for spring”. Which theme does this imply?


Which aspects of a theme make a story more interesting?


Which theme is demonstrated in the presentation of man versus nature?


What is the most likely opposite of attainable love in a text?


What themes are suggested by the following extract from Ernest Hemingway's The Old Man and the Sea?

The shark swung over and the old man saw his eye was not alive and then he swung over once again, wrapping himself in two loops of the rope. The old man knew that he was dead but the shark would not accept it. Then, on his back, with his tail lashing and his jaws clicking, the shark plowed over the water as a speedboat does.