Reading timetables

The following table shows the times of the buses from Cambridge to Duxford and Whittlesford:

Example of a bus timetable, from Cambridge to Whittlesford

a) I want to go to the Duxford Imperial War Museum. Which bus should I catch from Cambridge?

b) The \text{08:05} from Cambridge is running {6} minutes late. What time does it reach Pampisford?

c) If I arrive in Sawston at \text{09:32}, what time did I leave Cambridge?

d) How long does the journey from Great Shelford to Duxford Wheatsheaf take?

a) The only bus that goes to the Imperial War Museum leaves Cambridge at \text{08:35}.

b) The \text{08:05} usually arrives in Pampisford at \text{08:38}. So if it's running {6} minutes late it will arrive at \text{08:44}.

c) \text{09:05}

d) The bus leaves Great Shelford at \text{07:22} and arrives at Duxford Wheatsheaf at \text{07:45}. So it takes 23 minutes.

Did you notice that another bus goes from Great Shelford to Duxford Wheatsheaf at \text{09:22}, and also takes 23 minutes?