Asking for general information

The following phrases are common question words used in a variety of situations:

With who?Gyda phwy?
What time?Faint o'r gloch?
How much?Faint?
How many?Faint/Sawl?

Look at Common rules and patterns for more information about Faint? and Sawl? questions.


Imagine that you received this text message from a friend:

A mobile phone displaying a text message

You want more details about Ffair y Castell and so you write back to ask a number of questions about the event. Use as many of the above questions as possible to ask for information about Ffair y Castell.

Did you think of the following?

  • Beth ydy Ffair y Castell? – What is Ffair y Castell?
  • Pryd mae Ffair y Castell? – When is Ffair y Castell?
  • Faint o'r gloch mae Ffair y Castell yn dechrau ac yn gorffen? – What time does Ffair y Castell start and finish?
  • Ble mae Ffair y Castell? – Where is Ffair y Castell?
  • Beth sy'n digwydd yn Ffair y Castell? - What happens in Ffair y Castell?
  • Sut mae cyrraedd yno? – How do (I) get there?
  • Pwy sy'n mynd i Ffair y Castell? – Who goes to Ffair y Castell?
  • Faint mae'n gostio? – How much does it cost?

Here is a poster advertising Ffair y Castell. Read it carefully and then try to answer your own questions.

A poster advertising an event, Ffair y Castell

These general questions can be used in a variety of situations when you speak and write. They are often used in FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) sections on websites for example. Here are the answers in an FAQs section on a website that is promoting a sports day, but what are the missing questions?

  1. Mae'r diwrnod chwaraeon dydd Sadwrn.
  2. Yn y ganolfan hamdden.
  3. Mae'n dechrau am ddeg o'r gloch yn y bore.
  4. Mae llawer o bethau’n digwydd ar y diwrnod – chwaraeon fel rygbi tag, athletau, pêl-droed a llawer mwy.
  5. Mae'n costio deg punt ar gyfer pob teulu.

Did you think of these questions?

  1. Pryd mae'r diwrnod chwaraeon?
  2. Ble mae'r diwrnod chwaraeon?
  3. Faint o'r gloch mae'n dechrau?
  4. Beth sy'n digwydd yn y diwrnod?
  5. Faint mae'n gostio?

Other questions are also possible, of course.