High jump in athletics

This event requires the jumper's back to pass over the bar. Dick Fosbury, who went on to win an Olympic gold medal in 1968, invented this technique, commonly known as the Fosbury Flop.

Stage one

  • Start 8-10 strides away from the barrier.
  • Run in a curve with controlled speed at the barrier.
  • Lean your torso into the curve, the opposite side to the barrier.
  • Keep your (barrier side) shoulder as high as possible.

Stage two

  • You are ready to jump at approximately one metre past the first post and an arm's length away from the mat.
  • At this point, plant the take-off foot (foot furthest away from the side to bar) down.
  • At the same time, drive your lead leg and arms upwards and shoulders high.

Stage three

  • In the air, keep driving upwards and bring your lead knee across the body to get shoulders parallel with the bar.
  • Try to cross the barrier in the middle of the bar and bring the arms forwards and back into the body.
  • As your hips cross the barrier, flick your feet upwards and high over the barrier.
  • Maintain balance and land safely.