Using ce, cet, cette and ces with -ci and -là

To be even more precise you can add -ci or -là to the noun, in order to show the proximity of something or someone.

Singularce jeu-ci/ce jeu-làthis game (here)/that game (there)cette maison-ci/cette maison-làthis house (here)/that house (there)
Pluralces jeux-ci/ces jeux-làthese games (here)/those games (there)ces maisons-ci/ces maisons-làthese houses (here)/those houses (there)

For example:

  • tu veux acheter ce manteau-ci ou ce manteau- ? - do you want to buy this coat or that coat?
  • je vais manger cette glace-ci - I’m going to eat this ice-cream (here)
  • moi, je vais choisir ces gâteaux- - I’m going to choose those cakes (there)
  • je ne sais pas quoi mettre aujourd’hui : cet imperméable-ci ou ce manteau- ? – I don’t know what to wear today: this raincoat (here) or that coat (there)?
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