Top tips for creating a print based media text such as a film poster, magazine cover and contents page, or a DVD or CD cover:

  • Use the codes and conventions of your chosen genre to make it look professional.
  • Use photographs and artwork that you have produced yourself, not someone else's.
  • Make sure that you have carefully considered how you want your photographs to be composed before you take them. Do a recce of possible locations and cast your models to suit your design.
  • Making an effort to achieve a high quality photograph on the day will mean that you will have to worry less about trying to fix it using picture editing software after the photo shoot.
  • Use your research to help you decide on font styles, the layout and design, the mode of address and other codes and conventions that are associated with your chosen genre.
  • Small details, like parental advisory stickers, bar codes and certifications on a CD or DVD cover, will make your print based media text look professional.
  • If producing a magazine front cover and contents page, or a feature article, try to establish a house style for your publication, this will help link the pages together.
Photograph of magazine front covers

Using the codes and conventions of your chosen genre will help make your print text look more professional