Holiday destinations

It's useful to learn the German names for some popular holiday destinations – Reiseziele.

You will see that in German some countries have the definite article in front of the name, eg die Schweiz (literally: the Switzerland) or die Türkei (literally: the Turkey). This only applies to feminine and plural countries.

In fact, in English we also use 'the' in front of some countries, but only when we talk about plural countries, eg the Canary Islands – die Kanarischen Inseln or the Netherlands - die Niederlande.


How many countries can you recognise? Translate the names of the countries on the map, then check your answers.

A map of western Europe and a smaller map of north America with 12 countries labelled A to L
  • Amerika – America
  • Dänemark – Denmark
  • die Niederlande – the Netherlands
  • die Schweiz – Switzerland
  • die Türkei – Turkey
  • Frankreich – France
  • Griechenland – Greece
  • Italien – Italy
  • Österreich – Austria
  • Polen – Poland
  • Spanien – Spain
  • Ungarn – Hungary