The positive and negative consequences of volcanoes

  • Volcanoes produce ash, lava, volcanic bombs, pyroclastic flows and lahars which can all greatly alter the landscape.
  • Ash from large volcanoes has been known to affect global weather climates.

Negative or hazardous consequences of volcanic eruptions

  • Volcanoes are dangerous - they can kill people and damage property and services.
  • Economic activity can suffer as it is hard for businesses to operate and recover after an eruption.
  • Natural habitats are disrupted and animals and plants are destroyed.
Negative effects of volcanoes include habitats and landscapes damaged, damaged property and damaged businesses.

Positive consequences of volcanic eruptions

  • Volcanoes serve as tourist attractions, bringing in money for the local economy.
  • Volcanic ash acts as a natural fertiliser for the soil, which is good for growing crops.
  • Geothermal energy can be generated in places where the crust is thinner and so volcanic areas can be used to harness renewable energy.