My friends


What is her friend's hair like?

She has curly red hair.

The Gaelic for 'red' hair is ruadh not dearg!


What else does Anita tell us about her friend's appearance?

Her friend is taller than her.

When we are comparing things, we take the adjective and put the word nas before it:

nas àirde - taller

nas inntinniche - more interesting


Anita tells us her friend is good at PE. What other fact does she share?

Anita is a faster runner than her friend.

When comparing two things, as well as adding nas before the adjective, we also modify the adjective by making it slender, eg àrd - nas àirde; luath - nas luaithe; inntinneach - nas inntinniche.


What does her friend enjoy doing?

Horse riding.

Marcachd is the Gaelic word for 'horse riding' – it doesn't sound anything like the English so it's quite a tricky one!


What does her friend want to do when she leaves school?

Be a shop assistant.

Neach is the Gaelic for 'person' and bùth means 'shop'.

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