My friends

Anita is chatting about her friend.

Teenage girlAn illustration of a teenage girl

Listen to what she has to say and answer the questions which follow. If you need to, you can also read the transcript.


What is Anita's best friend called?

Elizabeth MacTaggart.

MacTaggart is a common surname in Scotland. It sounds like the original Gaelic Mac an t-Sagairt.


How often does Anita see her friend?

Every day.

We use the words a h-uile and gach to mean 'every'.


Where does her best friend live?

In the house opposite her.

Mu choinneimh means 'opposite'. You'll hear this a lot when describing where things are.


Where did they meet?

In nursery.

Sgoil-àraich is the Gaelic for 'nursery'. Àrach means 'to be brought up'. This is interesting because the word nursery means the same.


How old is Anita's best friend?

Four months older than Anita.

Nas sine is the Gaelic for 'older'; we say nas òige for 'younger'.