Box-linking and key word selection questions

In foundation tier papers, there are some questions where you are provided with a series of boxes, and asked to link them correctly. In other questions, a number of key words are provided and you are asked to select appropriate words to fill in a box, or to complete a sentence.

In both cases, some of the options given are incorrect - examiners call these 'distractors' - and you should avoid selecting these.

For box-linking questions, it is important that you use clear straight lines to link the boxes.

Remember that not all boxes will link together. It is also very unusual in this type of question for a single box to end up with more than one line linking to it.

For key word selection, one strategy for solving them is to think about the right word to complete the blank in the question before looking at the available words. You can then look at the words given and hopefully find the word you were thinking of! If your word is not there, then find a word in the box that means the same thing, and use this for your answer. Make sure you only use words from the choices given to you.

Questions courtesy of Eduqas.

Sample question 1 - Foundation


The following table shows the colours of universal indicator at different pH values.

ColourRedOrangeYellowGreenBlueNavy bluePurple

Use this information to help you complete the table below. [3 marks]

SubstanceColour with universal indicatorpHAcid, alkali or neutral?
DetergentNavy blue
Distilled water7
SubstanceColour with universal indicatorpHAcid, alkali or neutral?
DetergentNavy blue10-12Alkali
Distilled waterGreen7Neutral

Sample question 2 - Foundation


John was studying the reactions of acids with three different substances, A, B and C. He recorded his observations and temperature changes in the table shown below.

Substance added to acidObservationsTemperature change
ABubbles of gas produced, gas collected turns limewater milky, substance reacts to produce a blue solution+4°C
BNo gas produced, substance reacts to produce a blue solution0°C
CNo visible change+8°C

Identify A, B and C from the substances in the list below. [3 marks]

  • copper(II) carbonate
  • copper(II) oxide
  • magnesium
  • sodium chloride
  • sodium hydroxide
  • A = copper(II) carbonate [1]
  • B = copper(II) oxide [1]
  • C = sodium hydroxide [1]