Environmental damage limitation

Ways to limit the damage caused by humans to the environment include:

Eco tourism resort in Belize
Eco tourism resort in Belize
  • Sustainable resource management can help ensure that the use of resources does not cause an imbalance in the environment. Increasingly, sustainable practices are being encouraged to preserve animal and plant life for the benefit of future generations. An example of sustainable development is ecotourism. Tourists are able to enjoy areas of natural beauty without requiring overdevelopment that might harm the environment.
  • Recycling resources reduces waste. Used cans, bottles, paper and cardboard can be recycled, which reduces the need to use extra resources.
  • Limiting carbon emissions generated from industrial and domestic use of fuels can assist in reducing pollution levels and limit environmental problems such as global warming and acid rain. Some governments, including the UK, signed the Kyoto Protocol to say they will try to reduce carbon emissions.
  • Resource substitution is another sustainable way in which resources can be managed. Renewable resources can be used instead of finite resources. Electric power can be produced by using a renewable energy resource such as tidal, wind or solar power instead of fossil fuels.