Detailed plot summary - Part 2

The pigs educate the others

A pig teaching piglets to count with an abacus,  a scene from the 1954 film of Animal Farm.
The pigs learning to count, from the 1954 film

Two pigs, Snowball and Napoleon, often argue during the meetings. Snowball sets up 'committees' focused on education, reading and writing. He reduces 'Animalism' to one idea for the simpler animals - 'four legs good, two legs bad' - and the sheep regularly chant it. Napoleon however, thinks educating the old animals is a waste of time, he focuses on the youngsters; in particular a litter of nine puppies that he takes away from their mother to educate them himself.

The pigs begin to take more food

At this stage, the pigs start taking any extra apples and milk for themselves, some animals complain but Squealer persuades them that if the pigs don't get the extra food they need, Jones might return. This is enough to make the other animals agree with him. The inequality between the pigs and the others begins here.

Mr Jones tries to take back the farm

Jones and his men try to retake the farm but the animals fight against the invasion. The fight becomes known as 'The Battle of the Cowshed'. Awards are given for bravery to Snowball and Boxer.

The animals vote on the windmill

Snowball suggests building a windmill. Napoleon thinks they should spend their time building up food stores instead. As the animals are about to vote on the matter, Napoleon calls his dogs into the barn. They are now fully grown and they chase Snowball away.