Tone and style test questions

Sample text

What makes a good teacher?

A science teacher from north-east England is among 10 finalists of a competition to find the world's best teacher.

Richard Spencer from Middlesbrough College is the only UK teacher left in the Global Teacher Prize, with the winner to get a £650,000 prize. He is up against teachers from countries including the US, India, Kenya and Afghanistan. The international prize is designed to make people more aware of how important teaching is.

The Global Teacher Prize, which will be awarded for the first time next month, has been created by the Varkey Foundation and has received entries from 127 countries.

What makes a good teacher?

We asked you to tell us what qualities a great teacher has...

Your comments:

I think that what makes a good teacher, is that they need to be nice but also tough, because if they're nice all the time then we won't learn.

Ellie, Langold, England

I think a good teacher is someone who is calm, patient and kind. They can understand us kids, but they should also be tough.

Liam, Woodford, England

A nice one, who is funny and helpful.

Dominic, Bristol, England


What is the CAP for this text?


What is the tone of the writing?


What is the style of the writing?


Which of these lists correctly identifies the qualities of the vocabulary choices within the article?


Which of these is the correct list of ingredients (genre conventions) that this text uses?


Which of the lists below is an accurate list of the language techniques that are used the most in the article?


Which of these statements is true about the varying sentence styles and lengths?


What tool would you use in order to improve the vocabulary in your own writing?


What is a synonym?


What habit should you get into with your writing, so that you can ensure that it is appropriate and as lively as it can be?