What are the different genres of media?

Key facts about religious mediaBusiness Insider, 2010; BBC Online; Box Office Mojo; Jewish Chronicle Online, all retrieved 2013;

There are various genres of media, including:

  • Newspapers can be printed or online publications. The UK has many national newspapers and these may have a particular political bias or social perspective. Religion-specific newspapers, eg the Jewish Chronicle, entertain and inform their readers about religious, social and political issues from that particular religion's perspective.
  • Magazines are usually printed or online publications covering a variety of topics to suit personal choice and interests. Religion-specific magazines cover news from a particular religion's point of view, eg Christianity Today covers world, national, church and ministry news and gives practical advice on aspects of Christian life.
  • Satellite/digital TV is found in a large number of UK homes. TV programmes are mostly secular, although some digital channels, eg the GOD channel, focus specifically on religious programming. The BBC transmits religious programmes such as Songs of Praise on Sunday, the Christian day of worship. During religious festivals, more religious programmes may be scheduled.
  • Radio stations, local and national, target different audiences. Most are secular, although some may contain aspects of religion, eg BBC Radio 4's Beyond Belief. Some channels focus specifically on religious news, debate, teaching and music, such as Premier Christian Radio.
  • The internet can be used for entertainment, research, education and information. Religion-specific websites, eg plainislam.com and buddhanet.net provide information on teachings and practices. They can be intended for their own faith community or aim at informing the wider world. Charities such as Christian Aid and Muslim Aid advertise the work they do and invite donations online.
  • Films cover different stories, topics, themes and genres. They are often first released at the cinema and then become available for personal viewing at home.