The poet conveys the bitter hurt he has experienced through his love for this woman.

He also expresses a form of gratitude to her – she has awakening in him a strength of feeling that he expresses in his poetry. She has inspired him to greater creativity.

She has become his muse and he has become a poet or bard, an elevated status in Gaelic culture:

you are the fire of my lyric/ you made a poet of me through sorrow


As in many MacLean poems he explores time.

He mixes tenses to reflect what he feels now, what happened in the past, what he would do if he encountered her again.

He suggests that both he and Eimhir can transcend time through his strength of feeling and his poetry. He implies he has given her the greatest gift of all, eternity.

He also notes that she has given him a form of immortality too – by inspiring the poetry that will live on after him.