Three and four mark questions

These are similar to one and two mark questions but you will be expected to write in more depth for three and four mark questions.

Three and four mark questions usually require longer answers.

Edexcel questions courtesy of Pearson Education Ltd.

Sample question 1 - Foundation and Higher


Complete each box in the figure to show how particles are arranged in a solid, liquid and gas.

One particle in each box has been drawn for you. [3 marks]

Three boxes representing a solid, a liquid and a gas. There is a single particle in each.
Three boxes showing how particles are arranged in a solid, a liquid and a gas.

Solid particles must be touching in a regular pattern [1]. Liquid particles should be touching but not regularly arranged [1]. Gas particles should not touch [1].

Do not spend a long time drawing circles to fill the boxes - use the time on other questions.

Sample question 2 - Foundation and Higher


Oxygen cylinders can be used in an ambulance. Explain how particles of oxygen gas exert a pressure on the inside of the cylinder. [3 marks]

The oxygen particles move around at high speed [1]. They collide with the walls of the cylinder [1], exerting a force on the inside of the cyclinder [1].

Sample question 3 - Higher


Describe how the average kinetic energy (KE) of the particles of the gas changes as the temperature of the gas changes. [3 marks]

Average KE increases as the temperature increases [1]. When the KE doubles the temperature in kelvin doubles [1], so it is directly proportional [1].