After you've conducted your research, you need to plan your production.

For audio visual media texts, a script or storyboard is an essential part of this process.

Script writing

Scripts are written in a specific format which varies from genre to genre; the format for a situation comedy is different from a television drama.

The BBC Writer's Room is a useful resource where you can compare the different script formats and get some inspiration.

When writing a script you should:

  • Consider the narrative conventions of your chosen genre and the narrative structure you want to use, for example, your script could be linear or non-linear.
  • Write believable characters the audience will empathise with. The situations the characters find themselves in don’t have to be believable but the characters do. For example, Doctor Who is science-fiction but the character of the Doctor has recognisable qualities we understand even if he is time-travelling.
  • Write more than one draft of your script, you won’t get it right first time so write and rewrite.
  • Ask someone else to read it and give you feedback.
Photograph of a script

You won't get your script right first time, you will have to write and re-write.