Netball scoring, rules and officials


In a game of netball there are two clear ways to score points:

  1. In open play, if a shot is successfully scored from inside the goal circle, the team gains one point.
  2. If the team is awarded a technical foul then they will receive a free shot at the net. A successful shot will be awarded with one point.


  • Players are not allowed to travel with the ball.
  • A team can have up to 12 players but only seven are allowed to play on court.
  • Defending players are unable to snatch or hit the ball out of another player's hands.
  • A defending player is only allowed to stand beside the player with the ball until it has left their hands.
  • A defending player must stand three feet away from the person with the ball.
  • An attacking player is unable to hold the ball for more than three seconds.
  • Players must remain within their designated zones.
  • The team retaining possession after the ball goes out of play have three seconds at the sideline to get the ball back into play.


During a competitive game of netball there are two referees and up to two scorekeepers and timekeepers officiating.