Mrs Lintott in History Boys

The boys’ original history teacher, Mrs Lintott has got them excellent A level grades by concentrating on facts.

She is a cynical observer of what happens in the play. She functions as a confidante for the other teachers. She is excluded from their power struggle so is seen as neutral, although she is clearly not without opinions.

She is aware of the line between pupils and teachers. She advises Irwin that it is hard for pupils to learn that teachers are human beings – but that it is very important for teachers not to try to tell pupils that they are. She is reliable and able to be detached about the boys.

She contributes to the themes both of the role of women and to what history is. She tells the boys that women have been excluded from their view of history, and that their view of life is too male-centric. As the only woman who appears on stage she shows that the world of the school is an unnatural one.