Human rights

Human rights are a set of universal rights that all humans are entitled to regardless of their age, race, religion or gender.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights was published in 1948, and sets out the rights that all humans should be entitled to. Many countries have accepted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. However, where they have not been accepted, projects such as Amnesty International are working to campaign for these people whose human rights are not being met.

Some examples of human rights are:

  • the right to go to school
  • the right to be treated equally by the law
Scroll in front of scales. Text on the scroll reads Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Social justice

Social justice refers to creating an equal society where everyone is treated with fairness and has equal opportunities. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights is an attempt to create social justice

The aims of social justice are:

  • to close the gap between the opportunities of rich and poor families
  • to create opportunities for all, regardless of where they live, their upbringing and how much money they have