Distance-time graphs

A distance-time graph shows how far something travels over a period of time. The vertical axis of a distance-time graph is the distance travelled from the start. The horizontal axis is the time from the start.

Features of the graphs

When an object is stationary, the line on the graph is horizontal. When an object is moving at a steady speed in a straight line, the line on the graph is straight but sloped.

Red line extends 0 to 10 ms over 2s, steady speed.  Green line extends 0 to 8 ms over 4s, steady speed.  Stays at 8s for 3s, stationary, returns to 0 over 3s, steady speed returning to start.

Note that the steeper the line, the faster the object is travelling. The purple line is steeper than the green line because the purple line represents an object which is moving more quickly.