The superlative is used when stating that something is the best, the most beautiful, the tallest or the least expensive.

The words in French are:

  • le/la/les plus...→ the most ...
  • le/la/les moins ...→ the least ...

An adjective or an adverb needs to come after le/la/les plus or le/la/les moins and make the adjective agree. For example:

  • Adèle est la plus grande de la famille - Adèle is the tallest in the family
  • j'ai acheté les bonbons les moins chers - I bought the cheapest sweets (les bonbons are masculine plural)

Use le plus, la plus, les plus or le moins, la moins, les moins and the correct form of the adjective, depending on whether you're describing something that is masculine, feminine, singular or plural.

Note you also can use:
  • le meilleur/la meilleure/les meilleurs/les meilleures → the best
  • le pire/la pire/les pires → the worst
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