Possessive adjectives - exceptions

With parts of the body

You do not need to use a possessive adjective when talking about parts of the body:

  • je me brosse les dents - I brush my teeth
  • il se peigne les cheveux - he combs his hair
  • nous avons les yeux bleus - we have blue eyes

It is presumed that the body part you are talking about belongs to the person, ie your teeth, his hair.

Before a vowel or a silent -h

Remember that mon, ton or son are used before a feminine word starting with a vowel or silent -h. This is to help with pronunciation. For example:

  • une amie (feminine singular) → mon amie arrive à dix heures - my friend's coming at 10 o’clock
  • une histoire (feminine singular) → ton histoire est amusante - your story is funny
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