Something’s Coming does not follow a standard song structure such as verse and chorus. Instead it is held together by three ideas or themes which are heard throughout the song and presented in different ways.

Theme A

Something's coming theme a

In the first theme the tritone is between the bass note C and the F sharp in the vocal line. The F sharp resolves onto a G. Theme A conveys a tentative mood.

Musical quotation - Theme A

Theme B

Notation of 'Theme B' of the musical theatre piece, Something's Coming

The second theme contrasts with theme B. There are declamatory repeated notes and the use of accents. In theme B the mood is much more confident, it has a loud dynamic and accented notes.

Musical quotation - Theme B

Theme C

Something's coming theme c

In the third theme there is a use of long sustained notes, legato phrases and rising intervals. Theme C uses a lyrical melody which conveys an optimistic mood.

Musical quotation - Theme C