Scene three

A short scene which takes place outside the club where Marie and Cassie are sitting on a piece of bare wasteground, looking up at the sky.

Alone together, the two women are more serious, open and honest with each other.

Marie asks Cassie Have you been seeing someone? which Cassie denies. Regardless of denial, Marie is surprisingly understanding, saying Sure there’s worse things you could be doing and I don’t know how you coped with all Joe’s carry on.

Cassie shares with Marie her dream of escape with her £200 savings– a dream which Marie points out is impractical. Marie reminds her of her responsibilities to her two children, but Cassie feels she might as well abandon them as she sees herself as just a black hole of sins. Frustration is eating her up:

I’m getting chewed and swallowed by all that I’m wanting and can’t have...

After Marie and Cassie go home, Deirdre appears, with handbags she has stolen. She pulls out a knife and violently rips the 15-yards of shiny, peach polyester so highly prized by Nora. In this way, Deirdre fulfils the role of the destroyer of dreams.